For thousands of years Yoga was mainly for men and since spreading in the West it has been practiced mostly by women.  We applaud women for enthusiastically comprising 85% of the attendees at yoga classes. However, it's time to bring Yoga back to men! 

We are creating a confidential and sacred space where men can reveal themselves unmasked to practice yoga in ways that meet their unique psychological, physiological and anatomical needs. The Conference intends to initiate men who have not been exposed to the benefits of yoga as well as motivate experienced practitioners to achieve self mastery by embracing yoga as a lifelong practice. Our presenters will share how modern men can achieve personal fulfillment, family unity and professional success by tapping into their masculine wisdom and spiritual strength. 

Men with the busiest of schedules will know how to incorporate yogic principles and practices specifically suited for the male body and psyche in just a few minutes a day. IYTC presenters for this One Day Event include:
David Moreno         *  Luke Roy Lehman        *  Antonio Sausys         * Mark Schillinger  

For centuries, the science of Yoga has been used to enhance physical and emotional well being. Now, the therapeutic potential of yoga is being rediscovered in the modern world. When yoga is practiced with therapeutic intention -- Yoga Therapy -- it can prevent, or aid recovery from, physical and mental ailments.

IYTC is a forum that explores the specific and profound ways in which yoga can aid in maintaining good health or recovery from illness.  The event also fills a vital role in public health and wellness education, bridging the gap between the yoga and the medical establishment,
a much needed connection.




  • Absolute beginners who want to learn how Yoga can help improve many health conditions

  • Medical doctors, therapists and healing arts practitioners who want to add yoga to their practice

  • Yoga Teachers who want to add a new dimension to their teachings




*  Rama Jyoti Vernon                                  *  Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani        

*  Joel Kramer                                              * Dr. Robin Monro, PhD
* Dr. Marc Halpern, M.A                            * Mukunda Stiles
* Richard Miller, PhD E-RYT 500           * Nischala Joy Devi, E-RYT
* Larry Payne, PhD, E-RYT 500              * Jnani Chapman
* Dr. Sat Bir S. Khalsa, PhD                      * Anodea Judith
* B. V. Subrahmanyam                               * Amy Weintraub, E-RYT 500   
* Sherri Baptiste                                           * Janice Gates, RYT
* Deborah Quilter, ERYT                            * Lyn Prashant
* Neil Pearson                                                * Nina Priya David, E-RYT 500 
* Nicole DeAvilla                                           * Arden Sundari Pierce
* Karin Scholz-Grace                                  * Alex Theory, PhD

* Rita Trieger                                                 * Carol Hince, MSPT, RYT

 * Alison West                                                 * Dr. Ann Heiden
* Sophia Reinders, PhD                              * Bidyut Bose, PhD

* Mark Schillinger                                        * Lisa Walford            

* Maetreyii Ma Nolan, PhD                       * Antonio Sausys   
* Frank Iszak                                                 * Dr Carl Speizer

* Patricia Sullivan                                       *  Lyn Davis Genelli

* Donna Davidge                                          * Leslie Kaminoff

 * Nadiya Nottingham                                *  Scott Blossom
David Moreno                                            *  Luke Roy Lehman  

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